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The 2020 HEIDENHAIN Virtual Trade Show for machine tools: Digitalize processes. Manufacture reliably and efficiently.

The HEIDENHAIN virtual trade show offers machine tool manufacturers innovative solutions for increasing the accuracy, process reliability, and productivity of their machines. This includes new generations of encoders with added value and intelligent drive system designs. Among the highlights for users are Digital Shop Floor software solutions and new control functions that hone in on greater machining accuracy, dynamic performance, and efficiency.

The trade show: Digital. Virtual. Near to the Customer.

Machine manufacturers can discover innovative solutions and products with great convenience at the 2020 HEIDENHAIN virtual trade show, available online at The virtual trade show concept merges digital content with real-life offerings. Available around the clock, the extensive online informational offerings include a virtual trade show tour, more than 20 videos, and numerous in-depth documents for download.

Information tailored to trade press journalists is available at a separate press lounge at

Among the many innovations at the 2020 HEIDENHAIN virtual trade show, eight special highlights stand out:

  • The Digital Shop Floor bundles hardware, software, and services to give the user a 360° view of his operations. The software and services of the Digital Shop Floor cover the entire process chain, from initial quoting to final shipment. Software modules such as StateMonitor, MaintenanceManager, Messenger, and JobTerminal deliver efficient data management within a digitized production environment.
  • The Digital Twin is a realistic programming-station copy of a machine on the shop floor. During programming and design in the office, the user can harness the real kinematics, parameters, and functions of his machine on the shop floor.
  • HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution is a modular system for universal tool and workpiece automation. Its optimized workpiece loading, additional tool magazines, and Batch Process Manager significantly boost machine utilization.
  • As one of the Dynamic Efficiency functions, Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) for TNC controls now features a cutting data calculator and intelligent deburring capability.
  • The TS 750 touch probe is a high-accuracy workpiece touch probe for the in-process inspection of parts in grinding machines. The VT 121 camera system, in conjunction with the VTC software, enables automated and time-saving in-situ tool inspection during machining.
  • The ERM 6000 Dplus encoder sensitively monitors the milling process. Mounted directly on the milling spindle, the ERM 6000plus tracks spindle shaft movements in six dimensions with exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and speed.
  • The LC series sealed linear encoders are currently the industry standard for position measurement on machine tool linear axes. Thanks to optimized optics, the new LC generation keeps a clear view even with contamination and condensation.
  • The new compact inverters, featuring optimal performance in a small footprint, bring the benefits of Gen 3 drives to more compact machines.
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