VT 121

Camera system for tool inspection

  • Tool inspection after expiration of tool life
  • Optimization of cutting parameters
  • Optimization of NC programs
  • Tool breakage monitoring
  • Tool inspection before critical machining steps

Rugged and compact design

Thanks to the IP68 protection rating and additional protective cover glasses, the VT 121 camera system is a rugged and simultaneously compact tool for working space monitoring in the machine tool for tools of any size.

Automated inspection

The camera system automatically takes images of the tool during machining, even in unattended operations, with cycles for the TNC 640. In the cycles, it can be defined which views should be imaged after the tool is cleaned.

Tool inspection on the control

Time saving during tool inspection: you no longer need to remove the tool from the tool magazine or the machine; it can be conveniently inspected on the control screen. Later evaluations can sometimes even be performed offline with software options.

Panoramic or close-up images

The camera takes close-up images of each tooth as well as detailed panoramic images of the entire tool circumference. The illumination angle can be varied so that the individual teeth are optimally illuminated. Tools can also be imaged from below.

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VT 121 camera system: automatic tool inspection like the human eye