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Successful networking: how to set up your own network

The uniformly digital networked production of workpieces, from the design office all the way to the shipping department, helps companies to optimally take advantage of their potential. Sound complicated? HEIDENHAIN makes it real easy! The "Connected Machining and networked evaluation electronics: configuration and servicing" course teaches you how to install the necessary technology yourself, how to customize it, and how to care for it. 

With Connected Machining, HEIDENHAIN offers software and hardware solutions for the uniformly digital flow of information within a company. Connected Machining takes the demands and desires of your company into consideration, completely independently of any existing IT systems or those that might be purchased in the future. Very important: with Connected Machining, you remain the master of your data. You yourself define the connections and storage locations, without any obligation to use the cloud.

The "Connected Machining and networked evaluation electronics: configuration and servicing" course explains how you can use the modules of Connected Machining to establish your own network in your production department as well as how easily you can integrate evaluation units from HEIDENHAIN in a network. You will learn which technology you can use in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of your production processes, and also how to optimize your quality, delivery reliability, and time management. 


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