Sustainability and responsibility are important to us

HEIDENHAIN is expanding its corporate stewardship in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility for its supply chain. Legal regulations require binding standards for daily operations in order to identify and eliminate possible risks within the value chain. When manufacturing products, we and our business partners contribute to upholding ethical, socially responsible and environmentally friendly standards at a high level.  

In our Policy Statement, we are committed to upholding human rights within our supply chains to the extent we are responsible. Through an established complaint procedure, we offer our staff, as well as external third parties, the opportunity to flag potential rule violations directly with a third-party partner.

Corporate Policy Statement
for upholding human rights

As an ethically mindful company, HEIDENHAIN places high value on preserving human rights in the procurement process for its own manufacturing activities. Our Policy Statement is our binding commitment to these values.

German Federal Supply Chain Act  

HEIDENHAIN systematically ensures compliance with supply chain rules and standards. Despite this rigorous system, potential violations cannot always be excluded. Employees and external third parties can use our complaint management procedure and contact our contact partner.

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German Federal Supply Chain Act