Services and support

In order for you to optimally implement digitalization at your company, HEIDENHAIN provides support for everything from planning and implementation to everyday operations. With extensive advisory support, services, and training, you benefit from using only the hardware and software you truly need. 

Proof of concept for meeting your digitalization expectations

Where does your company stand in terms of digitalization?

What are your short, medium, and long-term goals?

The complete digitalization of your company is a complex project requiring careful thought and planning. The Digital Shop Floor team from HEIDENHAIN can provide closely coordinated support tailored to your needs.

Optimally configure and implement StateMonitor

Online setup support

Optimally configuring complex software can take time, but not at HEIDENHAIN. Do you need support with initial setup? We’re glad to help. Our remote support service will configure StateMonitor to maximally match your individual needs.


On-site setup support

Not all setup work can be done online. Some tasks are easier and faster to complete on-site. That's why StateMonitor also includes the option of on-site setup support that comes directly to you.

Contact person – Sales

Digital Shop Floor Sales

+49 8669 31-5000

Vocational training for practical expertise

Technical training

Gain the knowlege required to operate controls and software solutions in a practical and user-friendly approach. We're sure to have the right training course for your needs, not only at our main-campus training center in Traunreut but also at many other locations throughout Germany, Europe, and the globe.

Online learning

HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training (HIT) is a multimedia learning system for NC programming. Users of NC controls can conveniently obtain qualified vocational training through online self-learning. HIT includes everything needed for this, from learning software and guidebooks to an interactive learning platform with rich content.




Contact person – Sales

Digital Shop Floor Sales

+49 8669 31-5000

Remote maintenance

Maintenance does not always require an on-site visit from a technician. Many maintenance matters can be resolved remotely. This goes well beyond updates and software products to include diagnostics and analyses prior to on-site visits, thus saving valuable time on the shop floor.

The HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution

We also offer extensive advisory support for the automation of your shop floor and for the HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution, helping you optimally use the hardware and software components for universal tool and workpiece automation and flexibly adapt them to your application.