MRP series

Absolute and incremental angle encoder modules with integrated precision bearings for highly accurate rotary axes

  • System accuracy: ±1” to ±7”
  • Signal periods: 2048 to 63 000
  • Hollow through shaft diameters: 10 mm / 35 mm / 100 mm
  • High resolution and exceptional repeatability
  • Up to 80 % fewer components in the application
  • High bearing rigidity
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP, EnDat

Low moment of friction

These angle encoder modules exhibit a constant moment of friction and a low breakaway torque. Thanks to a post-manufacturing run-in process, the moment of friction of the MRP 5000 and MRP 8000 series is constant over a particularly long period.

Easy installation

All MRP series angle encoder modules consist of a preloaded bearing unit with a mounted angle encoder. Precise alignment and adjustment of the angle encoder modules is not required. Centering collars on the mating components further facilitate installation.

High repeatability

Exceptional measurement quality thanks to low variation: the optimally matched combination of an angle encoder and a high-precision, high-rigidity bearing ensure very high repeatability.

High-accuracy scanning

Extremely small measuring steps with utmost accuracy: the MRP 5080 and MRP 8080 use interferential scanning, with a phase grating as their measuring standard.

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