Evaluations units for metrology applications

HEIDENHAIN offers the right evaluation unit for any application, featuring numerous metrology measurement and evaluation functions. For automation solutions, these results can be further processed through integrated switching functions. With a splash-proof front panel and rugged cast-metal housing, the HEIDENHAIN evaluation units can easily handle harsh everyday shop environments.

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Digital readouts

GAGE-CHEK 2000 series

  • Evaluation unit for reliable measurement and easy evaluation
  • 7-inch screen for intuitive multitouch operation (800 x 480 pixels)
  • Up to three axes (1 VPP, 11 µAPP, EnDat 2.2, TTL)
  • Switching functions for simple automated tasks
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ND 200 series

  • Digital readout for measuring and inspection stations or simple measuring and positioning tasks
  • 4.3-inch screen and keyboard
  • Up to two axes (1 VPP, 11 µAPP, EnDat 2.2)
  • Switching functions for simple automated tasks
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