Our supply chain

Regional, trusted and synergetic: HEIDENHAIN has a long history of partnering with suppliers in close geographical proximity to its production sites. And we have been building business ties only to suppliers with high standards since well before the German Supply Chain Act. Today, we continue to focus on environmental protection, human rights and social responsibility along our supply chain.

The German Supply Chain Act

In compliance with the requirements of the German Supply Chain Act, we provide a publicly accessible system for the direct and confidential reporting of notifications and potential complaints to a contact person whom we have commissioned. Employees and external third parties alike may use this opportunity to submit their concerns at any time.

Any complaints with respect to the German Supply Chain Act are processed based on our Complaints Procedure, which ensures a standardized and documented process for all participants.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct defines our expectations for all business partners regarding honest and transparent business activities in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Regional trust, synergetic cooperation 

Short routes and reusable packaging

At the HEIDENHAIN headquarters in Traunreut, around 800 suppliers provide the goods necessary to manufacture our products. Of these suppliers, around 10% are located less than 50 km away. This proximity allows us to handle some of the transport ourselves, resulting in optimized routes and reduced emissions. And 70% of our supplied materials are delivered in reusable packaging, resulting in less waste.

Regionality at our cafeteria

Short delivery routes and dependable partners also play a role in the meals we provide to our employees. These factors ensure fresh, high-quality and sustainably sourced food and beverages. Of our cafeteria's 24 suppliers, 14 are located less than 50 km away. Eggs and some of our meat, for example, are sourced from select organic farms. And our coffee comes from regional roasters.

More about our approach to corporate responsibility

Code of conduct

Trust, respect and transparency are the foundations of our corporate activities. These principles are firmly anchored in our Code of Conduct.
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Human rights

We take our responsibility for our employees seriously. At HEIDENHAIN, upholding human rights is an obvious and essential part of this endeavor.
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Sustainable products

Our products feature high quality and long service lives. Our customers are able to increase their productivity and reduce their carbon emissions.
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Sustainable processes

A variety of raw materials go into making our products. We strive to achieve optimal material usage and high-quality recycling through effective measures.
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