TNC7 contouring control

Intuitive, task-focused and customizable

  • 24 control loops, four of which are for spindles
  • Very high operating speed and fluid, intuitive multi-touch operation
  • Milling, turning and grinding operations
  • Intuitive machine setup with smart probing functions
  • Graphically supported workholding alignment
  • Fast block processing time (0.5 ms)
  • High-end performance for perfect surfaces and exceptional accuracy
  • Integrated process monitoring

Customizable user interface

The TNC7 supports users in all scenarios, including programming, machine setup and part measurement. The screen contents are easy to adapt to the given situation, providing complete information and functionality exactly where they are needed. And a special Dark mode feature simplifies operation under low ambient light.

Smart programming

The TNC7 supplements familiar Klartext programming with smart functions. The newly developed graphical programming feature allows the user to draw contours directly on the touchscreen. The TNC7 then converts the resulting drawing into a Klartext program. Older Klartext programs can also be easily modified.

Familiar surroundings

Operating elements such as the TNC keyboard are still used on the TNC7, offering excellent ergonomics even for prolonged work. Older NC programs can continue to be used. Working with the TNC7 is made simpler by a guided introduction to its new functions.

Task-focused support

The TNC7 provides intelligently designed solutions, including a rich package of cycles, smart probing functions and graphical guidance for 6D alignment of your workholding and workpieces. Perfect visualization of the machined part and work envelope deliver great convenience to your workday, as do numerous new functions and work methods.

Reliable processes

The new Process Monitoring function built into the TNC7 reliably detects irregularities in the machining process and ensures high process quality. The user can adapt this monitoring capability through simple Klartext syntax and an intuitive user interface.

Predictive protection

The Component Monitoring feature of the TNC7 can protect the spindle bearing from overloading or detect increased component wear in the drive train, all while the machine is running. It also provides valuable data for predictive maintenance and evaluation of the process capability.

Practical design

Graphical programming

Create an NC program the smart way

Create NC programs quickly and easily: The graphical programming feature allows users to work directly within the part drawing on the touchscreen. The TNC7 then converts the drawing into a Klartext program. Changes made to the Klartext program can be dragged and dropped in order to create an updated drawing with all relevant dimensions.

Intuitive setup

Advanced collision protection for workholding equipment

The TNC7 has taken Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM) to the next generation. In this new level of CNC control, DCM prevents collisions not only between tools and machine components but also between tools and workholding equipment. The graphically supported locating process merely requires an accurate 3D model of the fixture. The TNC7 then interactively guides the user through the entire process, allowing him to locate the position of the fixture on the machine table in no time using intelligent probing functions.

TNC Component Monitoring

Protect your machine from overloading

TNC Component Monitoring is a toolbox for machine manufacturers that allows them to reliably implement extensive monitoring functions in their machines. These functions include real-time process monitoring for preventing severe overloading, and data collection for predicting mechanical wear.

TNC Process Monitoring

Reliably achieve the desired results

The new Process Monitoring function helps users reliably achieve the desired machining results with the TNC7. The control detects any deviations from a reference machining run, thereby monitoring all quality aspects of serial production, including the machine setup, the machining process and the finished part. No extra sensors or external computers are needed.

Optimized Contour Milling (OCM)

Always mill with optimum cutting parameters

OCM offers numerous possibilities for reliable, low-wear machining with constant process conditions. Users simply define the contour. The control then automatically calculates the best trochoidal milling strategy. This lets you use highly efficient trochoidal milling processes for a much wider range of workpieces, letting you mill with greater productivity and less tool wear.

The new level of CNC control: TNC7

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