The HEIDENHAIN Service department is your go-to partner for in-depth support of your HEIDENHAIN products. Our extensive network ensures professional, on-site support.

Our solution-oriented service offerings, ranging from replacement parts and replacement devices to worldwide repair services, allow you to save costs and time while increasing the availability of your machines. Find out more about our extensive offerings.

NEW: We can also create customized workshops for your specific needs.

Replacement parts

We store numerous original replacement parts at our Service warehouse, allowing you to obtain present-day components and those from up to 20 years ago.

Repair service

Make use of the HEIDENHAIN repair service. Our qualified service technicians will check and repair your defective devices quickly and reliably.

Replacement devices

Our exchange service will get your machine running again by providing you with a free replacement device from our HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange inventory.

Optimizing machine accuracy

Ever more rigorous machining tolerances are placing growing demands on machine tool accuracy. You can improve the production quality of your machine.

Digital Twin

A HEIDENHAIN programming station is an exact copy of a control. With the Digital Twin, the HEIDENHAIN Service department brings the shop floor to the front office by creating a nearly perfect model of the machine.

DAkkS calibration

Boost quality assurance and confidence in your measurements through certified calibration of your linear and angular encoders by a certified laboratory.

Develop the unique set of skills and knowledge that you need with our customized workshops. The topics, scheduling, locations and participants are entirely up to you.

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