Code of conduct

As a technology company, HEIDENHAIN is globally active through its wide range of business partners and as an international organization with its own regional sales and service subsidiaries. In this constantly evolving environment and in markets with complex requirements, we as a company, the employees and the Management Board are guided every day in our internal and external decisions, actions and processes by a set of principles.

Trust, respect and transparency

First and foremost, we strive to earn the trust and respect of our customers and business partners while maintaining transparent and sound business processes with our suppliers and service providers. We endeavor to uphold the reputation of our company in order to protect the company and its employees. It is how we ensure the continuity of our business success. Our guiding principles are the applicable legal requirements and our Code of Conduct. This is our commitment as the Management Board.

A closer look at what we stand for

"As a company, and particularly as an employer, we strive for economic success and rely on sustainable growth in order to protect the jobs at our sites in highly volatile markets. We hold all of our employees in high esteem at all times. Through socially responsible action and ethical principles, we repudiate all forms of discrimination. We are resolutely committed to equal opportunity for all employees and promote equality."

Anna Enzinger, Executive Officer,
Finance and Internal Services

"At HEIDENHAIN, our goal is to produce technologically cutting-edge products made to a particularly high standard of accuracy, reliability and quality. Not only do we uphold the required technical standards and safety guidelines of our markets and countries, but we also work tirelessly to advance the environmental compatibility of our products across their entire life cycle. This also applies to our manufacturing operations, which not only comply with applicable legal requirements but also meet the high standards we set both for ourselves and our suppliers. Our continuous investment in R&D supports the company's sustainability aspirations."

Prof. Dr. Lutz Rissing, Executive Officer,
Development and Production

"We distribute products and services to our markets under free and fair competition in compliance with foreign trade regulations and the objectives of export control. In particular, we rely on strong service, performance and practical customer-centeredness. The quality of our products and services is the key to our corporate success. We comply with internal guidelines and the pillars of our established business ethics. This is the basis for responsible corporate management and the continued long-term orientation of our global business activities. In adherence to applicable law, we ensure that our business dealings with third parties do not violate trade regulations such as economic embargoes or import and export control requirements."

Dr. Hubert Ermer, Executive Officer,
Products and Markets

More about our approach to corporate responsibility

Human rights

We take our responsibility for our employees seriously. At HEIDENHAIN, upholding human rights is an obvious and essential part of this endeavor.
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Supply chain

Regional, trusted and synergetic: We value working with regional suppliers, maintaining business ties that go back years.
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Sustainable products

Our products feature high quality and long service lives. Our customers are able to increase their productivity and reduce their carbon emissions.
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Sustainable processes

A variety of raw materials go into making our products. We strive to achieve optimal material usage and high-quality recycling through effective measures.
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