Software for the Digital Shop Floor

Gain 360° of insight into your shop floor. The software solutions of the HEIDENHAIN Digital Shop Floor cover your entire process chain.
They also run at the machine, don't require the cloud, and aren't dependent on a specific machine manufacturer or control.

Collect, evaluate, and visualize machine data with StateMonitor

The StateMonitor software gives you an overview of the current statuses of connected machine tools anytime, anywhere.

  • Avoid unnecessary idle time and bottlenecks
  • Optimize machine utilization and machine availability
  • Make your operational processes more transparent with machine data acquisition (MDA) and intelligent data analysis
  • Use extensive messaging and evaluation functions to reveal hidden potential
  • Boost efficiency throughout your company

Your machine data are available on any device with an up-to-date web browser, including on smartphones or tablets wherever you are.

StateMonitor supports you in production process analysis:

Increase your productivity.
Evaluate future machine investments.
Keep an overview during multi-machine operation.


Contact person – Sales

Digital Shop Floor Sales

+49 8669 31-5000

StateMonitor basic version

  • Basic version, including messenger
  • For five machines
  • Easy access via a web browser
  • Real-time notifications
  • Visualization of machines

Five machines

  • Expansion for the StateMonitor basic version
  • Five additional machines


  • Creation of maintenance jobs for individual machines
  • Organizing and logging of planned maintenance
  • Display of current maintenance status
  • Organizing and logging of malfuctions
  • Maintenance documentation management


  • Convenient job management
  • Creation of jobs
  • Assignment of jobs to machines
  • Defining of machining sequences
  • Job data acquisition

5 Signals

  • Expasion for the StateMonitor basic version
  • Collection and recording of five additional machine-specific signals
  • Provision of data for additional analysis

OPC UA interface

  • Connection of machines with non-HEIDENHAIN controls via the OPC UA interface

MTConnect interface

  • Connection of machines with non-HEIDENHAIN controls via the MTConnect interface

Modbus interface

  • Connection of machines with non-HEIDENHAIN controls via the Modbus interface

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