The environment

Protecting our natural resources is important to us, which is why we aim to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our actions. Everyone is called to step up: from plant security, housekeeping, product assembly and production planning to administration, product development and the Management Board. All of us work toward the goals of resource conservation and sustainable stewardship.

Environmental declaration and certifications

HEIDENHAIN Environmental Declaration

Every year, HEIDENHAIN reports on its environmental and sustainability goals and outcomes. A systematic sustainability strategy is a secure path to the future.

EMAS: certified environmental management

As an EMAS-certified company, HEIDENHAIN is proud to have a rigorous environmental certification in accordance with globally recognized European Union standards.

ISO 14001: environmental certification

Our environmental standards include long-life, recycling-friendly products, resource conservation and economical energy consumption during production processes.

More green on the shop floor

HEIDENHAIN products help our customers to increase their productivity and reduce their CO2 emissions: The high-performance functions of our CNC controls shorten non-productive time and boost efficiency during machining, resulting in higher throughput and a smaller carbon footprint per finished part. And improved sensor optics in our encoders eliminate the need for purge air, thus reducing the CO2 footprint of these feedback devices by up to 99% during operation.

Sustainable business processes

Consuming less and promoting biodiversity: Energy and various raw materials go into making our products on over 63,000 sqm of manufacturing space at our headquarters in Traunreut. We take a variety of measures to reduce our consumption of raw materials and energy, and to continuously optimize our material usage. During our manufacturing processes, recycling also plays a prominent role. And across our grounds, we endeavor to both preserve and increase biodiversity.

Our environmental and sustainability goals meet
and in many cases even exceed the legal requirements.

Our core environmental goals starting in 2024

Expanding green energy

We already rely on a variety of ecologically sustainable energy sources: solar, geothermal and wind. To continue expanding their role at HEIDENHAIN, we are installing more photovoltaic panels, using more geothermal energy in manufacturing processes and planning two company-owned wind turbines.

Consuming less energy

We are reducing our energy consumption through various optimizations in our production departments. These include switching to LED technology in UV lamps, installing butterfly valves for process-air exhaust ventilation systems, optimizing compressed air lines and lowering the pressure in our pressurized air network.

Reducing emissions

We are implementing various projects in our manufacturing departments aimed at further reducing our CO2 emissions. Relying more on district heating is one of them. And through extensive heat-loss prevention measures and the use of regenerative energy sources, new buildings will be as CO2-neutral as possible.

Conserving water

To further improve our wastewater treatment processes, we are putting a mixing and equalization tank into operation in our graduation production department. And during the preparation of ultrapure water, we will be using additional valve technology to reduce water losses by 50%.

Improving recycling

Thanks to rigorous waste separation practices, we recycled more than 95% of our waste in 2023. And we aim to improve. With projects for the high-quality recycling of tin, gold and silver from our PCB manufacturing operations, we are forging a path toward greater sustainability.

Analyzing product
carbon footprints

To increase the transparency of our CO2 emissions at HEIDENHAIN, we will be determining the product carbon footprint of select products for the very first time. This analysis will be performed in accordance with ISO 14067.

More about our approach to corporate responsibility

Code of conduct

Trust, respect and transparency are the foundations of our corporate activities. These principles are firmly anchored in our Code of Conduct.
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Human rights

We take our responsibility for our employees seriously. At HEIDENHAIN, upholding human rights is an obvious and essential part of this endeavor.
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Sustainable products

Our products feature high quality and long service lives. Our customers are able to increase their productivity and reduce their carbon emissions.
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Sustainable processes

A variety of raw materials go into making our products. We strive to achieve optimal material usage and high-quality recycling through effective measures.
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