Human rights

We take our responsibility for our employees seriously. Their expertise, ideas and dedication are the drivers of our success. Protecting them from hazards and daily health stressors at work is of vital importance to us. We also provide our up-and-coming talent and experienced professionals alike with what they need to optimally grow and contribute in their careers. At the same time, we offer attractive benefits and promote environmental awareness.

Policy statement on human rights and the environment

As a globally operating company, HEIDENHAIN is committed to its duty to uphold human rights and to exercise its corporate due diligence regarding these rights. Furthermore, HEIDENHAIN also expects its immediate suppliers and business partners to comply with human rights.

Work safety in focus

Work safety at HEIDENHAIN means protecting the health and well-being of our employees. The ability of our company to move forward depends on a healthy workforce. Every year, we set new goals such as improving the ergonomics of our workstations through measures like height-adjustable manufacturing stations or ergonomic chairs, eyepieces and macroscopes. Noise protection in our manufacturing areas is also a priority. And we regularly take measures to reduce physical strain during lifting and carrying tasks.

Above-market compensation

At HEIDENHAIN, all our employees are paid at a level that is at least in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement of the IG Metall trade union. Pay is supplemented by a variety of benefits such as monthly profit sharing, voluntary corporate bonuses for shift workers, a significantly above-market corporate pension scheme and work anniversary bonuses beginning after 10 years of employment.

Flexible work, even for production teams

In recent years, HEIDENHAIN has added significant flexibility to its corporate time policy, and not just for its administrative teams. Even our manufacturing teams have set a new course, moving away from rigidly defined work times toward giving employees a greater say. Just one hour at the beginning of each shift is fixed. And many of our employees work some of the time from home if their duties allow.

Promoting environmental awareness

Each of our employees affects our corporate ecological footprint and plays a role in minimizing it. In exchange, we help to reduce the ecological footprint of our staff through multiple benefits. In 2023, we built 20 parking spaces with charging stations where employees can recharge their personal e-vehicles during work. And we also provide 24 charging stations for e-bikes. 

Vocational training

Education and expertise play a vital role at a technology company like HEIDENHAIN. We've been running a successful apprenticeship program for over 70 years. It now encompasses eleven different career fields. For undergraduate students, we support internships and scholarships, and offer dual study programs in eight majors. Along with first-rate vocational training in a state-of-the-art apprenticeship center with the latest machines, we provide our up-and-coming talent with a wide range of benefits.

Continuing education

We continually train our longstanding employees through in-house and external training courses covering a variety of topics. Employees can also opt for special training programs: Our Specialist Track program is an opportunity for those wishing to deepen their expertise without assuming a supervisory role. And our Skills and Knowledge program financially supports career-advancement training for aspiring certified production supervisors, certified technicians, industrial managers and more. 

More about our approach to corporate responsibility

Code of conduct

Trust, respect and transparency are the foundations of our corporate activities. These principles are firmly anchored in our Code of Conduct.
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Supply chain

Regional, trusted and synergetic: We value working with regional suppliers, maintaining business ties that go back years.
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Sustainable products

Our products feature high quality and long service lives. Our customers are able to increase their productivity and reduce their carbon emissions.
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Sustainable processes

A variety of raw materials go into making our products. We strive to achieve optimal material usage and high-quality recycling through effective measures.
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