The New ERP 1000 Modular Angle Encoder: Redefine High-End Applications

With the ERP 1000 series, HEIDENHAIN is expanding its product portfolio of modular angle encoders featuring optical scanning. Thanks to its distinctive characteristics, the ERP 1000 series redefines angular measurement capabilities in high-end applications—not only when it comes to accuracy, but also in terms of ruggedness and flexible adaptability to the application.

The ERP 1000 in detail:

  • Exceptional accuracy: Down to ±0.9 angular seconds
  • Permanent measured value stability: First deployment of the HSP 1.0 signal processing ASIC in an angle encoder
  • Exceptional signal quality: Interpolation error down to ±0.02 angular seconds; RMS position noise down to 0.002 angular seconds
  • For highly dynamic applications: Very high speeds of up to 2600 rpm
  • Low mass: Scanning head: 5 g; circular scale: 57 g and greater

Consequently, the ERP 1000 modular angle encoders are particularly well suited to applications demanding exceptionally constant speed control or high position stability at standstill.

The following features ensure flexible adaptability to the specific customer application:

  • Wide variety: Circular scale in diameters of 57 mm, 75 mm, 109 mm, and 151 mm in full circle or segment versions
  • Easy mounting: Non-paired system, generous mounting tolerances, and automated signal adjustment
  • Variety of connection options: Wide selection of cable and connector versions
  • Compact dimensions: Scanning head: length: 26 mm, height: 12,7 mm, width: 6.8 mm; maximum mounting height of circular scale: 10.2 mm