More brands, more options: LEINE LINDE and LTN now from HEIDENHAIN ITALIANA

LEINE LINDE is the specialist in the HEIDENHAIN Corporate Group when it comes to rotary encoders and sensors that thrive in harsh environments. LTN develops slip rings and resolvers for numerous applications, particularly in industrial automation. Starting immediately, current and new customers in Italy can purchase products from both brands through HEIDENHAIN ITALIANA.

LEINE LINDE and LTN have been part of the HEIDENHAIN Corporate Group for many years, operating as their own brands. By integrating these brands into the sales organization of HEIDENHAIN ITALIANA, current and new customers now have direct access through their local contact partners to the extensive product portfolio of HEIDENHAIN and other brands, including AMO, ETEL, NUMERIK JENA, RENCO and RSF. This results in optimal, first-hand support for all eight brands in Italy.

LEINE LINDE specializes in rotary encoders and sensors that provide exact position measurement over long periods and with great reliability in harsh environments. Typical application areas include steel mills, wind turbines, shipbuilding and other offshore applications, along with cranes, construction machines, the paper industry and potentially explosive atmospheres.

LTN offers slip rings and resolvers as part of its extensive standard product portfolio and also as customized solutions. Their numerous applications range from the machine-tool industry, metrology, servomotors and industrial automation, including packaging machines and robotics, to medical technology, aircraft manufacturing and photovoltaic systems.

SPS Italia in Parma at the end of May will mark the first official joint appearance of HEIDENHAIN, LEINE LINDE and LTN.