Rotary Encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ Interface: Communicate Directly and Safely

For position measurement tasks in machines and equipment using Siemens controls, HEIDENHAIN offers absolute rotary encoders featuring the DRIVE-CLiQ interface. These devices provide position data and operating information both directly and safely to the control.

In addition to the data interface, every application places specific demands on other parameters as well, such as on the mechanics or accuracy of the rotary encoder. For this reason, numerous variants are available for optimal connectivity. Selecting the ideal solution to meet your closed-loop requirements is easy. The options you can take into account include the following:

  • Optical or inductive scanning
  • Singleturn or multiturn
  • With or without integral bearing
  • Shaft version and diameter
  • Suitability for safety-related applications
  • Fault exclusion for the mechanical coupling