PROFIBUS DP Gateway and PROFINET IO Gateway series

Signal converters for connecting EnDat encoders to PROFIBUS DP

  • Input: absolute linear encoders, angle encoders, and rotary encoders with the EnDat22 ordering designation (except LC xx3 and multiturn rotary encoders with buffer battery backup)
  • Output: PROFIBUS DP-V0, PROFIBUS DP-V1, PROFIBUS DP-V2 (selection via GSD file), PROFINET IO
  • Integrated power supply for EnDat encoders with DC 5 V ±5%
  • Cable lengths of up to 40 m

Everything in one compact device

No temperature limit for the encoder: temperature-sensitive components are built directly into the Gateway. Also integrated are the complete interface electronics and a voltage converter for powering the EnDat encoders.

Convenient connection of fieldbus cables

An easily accessible terminal box inside the Gateways, or a robust flange socket, enables fast connection of the fieldbus lines. In the case of the terminal box, the power supply is connected as well. 


Product variants

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