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Realistic simulation for reliable processes

With the Digital Twin from HEIDENHAIN, virtual machining on the programming station is just like the real machine on the shop floor. This reduces setup and testing time while increasing process reliability and productivity. The path to a Digital Twin from HEIDENHAIN is also so easy…

A HEIDENHAIN programming station with a Digital Twin provides many benefits. Prior to actual machining, you can use the Digital Twin in the following ways to become fast and reliably productive:

  • Check and optimize tool paths
  • Prevent program interruptions
  • Avoid collisions
  • Maximize use of the work envelope
  • Test complex 5-axis movements
  • Check and optimize the clamping position

But the Digital Twin does more than help you create verified NC programs. It also helps with quoting and job planning by letting you determine the exact machining times, in addition to calculating costs and deadlines.

Using a programming station with the Digital Twin, you can also provide your staff with highly practical training in TNC operation. Your trainees can learn NC programming skills in a safe, realistic environment.

  1. Communication with the NC Programming Helpline by phone or e-mail to determine the exact requirements
  2. Preparation of a rough cost estimate by HEIDENHAIN based on the machine data
  3. Preparation of an quotation
  4. Order placement by the customer
  5. Adaptation of the programming station
  6. Creation and forwarding of a backup file of the adapted programming station
  7. Backup file import into the customer’s original programming station

The backup with the adapted data can be installed on all equivalent programming stations.

Contact person – Service

Helpline for NC programming

+49 8669 31-3103


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