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Testing and Inspection Units: Two Devices, Numerous Possibilities

HEIDENHAIN encoders provide all of the information needed for commissioning, monitoring, and diagnostics. Testing and inspection devices from HEIDENHAIN are practical options for displaying and evaluating this information, as well as for analyzing encoders. The PWT 100 is a device made for functional testing and adjustment, while the PWM 21 is an inspection unit for the diagnosis and adjustment of incremental and absolute HEIDENHAIN encoders. Both units feature ease of operation owing heavily to the highly understandable way in which results are displayed.

The PWT 100 was designed to be used portably for the functional testing of HEIDENHAIN encoders. It features a compact and rugged design with an integrated 4.3“ touchscreen. The PWT 100 is the successor to the PWT 10, PWT 17, and PWT 18 series, yet it offers significantly greater functionality that is also continually being extended through firmware updates.

The PWM 21 has impressively low measuring tolerances, is able to be calibrated, and offers a wide range of functions. Beyond being used for the commissioning and functional testing of encoders, the unit can also be employed for diagnostics in a closed loop. In conjunction with the ATS software, the PWM 21 forms a complete adjustment and testing package. Its functionality includes a connection dialog, extensive position displays, diagnostics functions, assistance for mounting and testing, and the display and modification of memory contents.


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