Programming Station Software in Windows 10 – How to Install the Current VirtualBox Version

Do you get the following error message when you start the programming station software on a PC: “Failed to open a session for the virtual machine”? No need to worry! Instead, simply take a look at the NC Solutions database in the Klartext Portal. We are aware of this error and have already found a solution.

The cause of the error message is a Windows 10 update (Build 1079) that has taken place on the computer on which you are using the programming station software. The programming station software does not run on your computer directly in Windows but rather in a virtual environment, the VirtualBox. However, the original VirtualBox version used (5.0.40) is not compatible with Windows 10. Version 5.1.30 or later of the VirtualBox software must be installed instead. All of the links you need in order to download the new VirtualBox version, as well as further information regarding installation, can be found here.

And, by the way, our NC Solutions database provides fixes and answers for many other topics as well. Why not take a look?