TS 460

Wireless workpiece touch probe for machines with automatic tool changer

  • High probing accuracy: ±5 µm (with the T404 standard stylus)
  • High probing repeatability for very high measurement quality: 2 σ ≤ 1 µm
  • Radio or infrared signal transmission
  • Enhanced collision protection option
  • Interfaces: HTL or EnDat 2.2 (via transceiver unit)
  • Protection rating: IP68

High performance

Reduce idle times: the very first probing point can be used for measurements, thus eliminating the need for repeated probing. This high probing repeatability, even at high probing speeds, also reduces idle times. Integrated blowers clear the workpiece of chips.

High versatility

The reliable radio and infrared transmission of these touch probes reduces complex cabling in hard-to-accss machines. Thanks to the wide range of easily attachable styli with different ball diameters and lengths, the touch probes from HEIDENHAIN can be equipped for any probing application.

Long-lasting accuracy

Even after five million probing cycles, the HEIDENHAIN workpiece touch probes are still highly accurate: with a probing repeatability of down to 2 σ ≤ 1 µm at a probing speed of 3 m/min, these touch probes deliver reliable measurements even after prolonged use.

Effective collision protection

Prevent damage to the machine and spindle: along with the predetermined break point on the styli, there is a collision protection option that also thermally decouples the touch probe. The touch probe then gives way during collisions with the workpiece or the workholding equipment, thus preventing costly damage.

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